Ronald H. Goossen, Acting Justice

Phone (607) 594-2273


Town of Catharine Court is held at 9:00 AM Mondays
(except Holidays)

District Attorney is in court on the 2nd Monday of the month*
(except Holidays)

Please note:
For the filing of Small Claims the individual(s) being taken to court must live within the Town of Catharine.  The maximum claim is $3,000.  The cost of filing is $10 for claims up to $1,000 and $20 for claims from $1001- $3000. and MUST be paid when applying!!

               Village of Odessa Court
Held Monday mornings 10 a.m.

              Ronald Goosen, Village Justice
                        5182 Park Rd        
                     Odessa, NY 14869

Note: Village Court closing dates are the same as the Town of Catharine Court.

Town & Village Courts will be closed:

Monday- September 7, 2015
Monday- October 12, 2015
Monday- December 28, 2015

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